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About iTunes U

iTunes U is a service from Apple designed to host multimedia content such as audio and video, particularly content intended for use as podcasts. Apple makes available disk space and some tools to upload and manage content. The content is available through the iTunes store in a special section.

Many universities are using iTunes U as a way to provide information about their activities. For examples, see or

Take a look at these sites to see the kinds of material that institutions typically put on their public sites. It is normally a mix of general information about the university for prospective students and others, talks and other special presentations for people on campus and also alumni and members of the community, and material from courses, where the faculty are interested in making that material public.

If you have material that you would consider putting on the site, contact

For more technical information for people who have Rutgers iTunes U sites, see Technical Information about Rutgers on iTunes U.

For the login page (primarily useful for administrators), see Rutgers on iTunes U Login.

WARNING: Apple does not back up iTunes U or provide tools for us to do so. It is important for you to maintain copies of all material that you upload to Apple.

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